Celebrating LOVE and LIFE never meant so much.

Life is a constant whirlwind between shadow and light. It is in this paradoxal dance that we find that love is what really makes us human. 

That is why love is at the core of who we are.

We believe that even the most delicate gestures of love have the ability to expand beyond the limits of perception.

We intend to create emotionally deep and meaningful experiences. The kind of events that pierce through peoples hearts and imprints a transcendental sense of delight, from the inside out. Where precious instants of stillness together with extraordinary joyful moments take us out of time and into the poetry of the hearts.

We aim to deliver happiness and to light people up. We will have fun on this journey of discovery and rejoice at the most authentic and meaningful experience.
We promise to be fully present. To truly listen to you, see you, feel you, understand you and make you feel safe. Allowing ourselves to surrender to the beautiful reverie inspired by your own stories. Designing with intention and manifesting with joy. Honouring your traditions while creating a truly unique celebration. Communicating your truth in the most beautiful way without being imbued with trends.

We will always be on a quest for beauty. The beauty that comes from inside of you. The beauty of nature. The beauty of the dreams we dare to dream. Translating it into genuine and fine pieces of (he)art.

We vow to the ability to always see with new eyes and to follow our intuition. To challenge ourselves to be better, to do more, to share farther, to create fresh and to grow always in the pursuit of becoming the best and truest version of ourselves every single time.

We understand that every time we grow we are able to give more. We pour our hearts out with gratitude has we commit to give back. This is the source of our fulfillment.

We dare to be seen as we are, to embrace vulnerability and to create space for compassion. We are passionate about the whirlwind of life and intend to always be in touch with the divine.

We want to be a blessing in peoples life’s.
Making our ancestors proud while inspiring future generations.
Living to the fullest and designing an extraordinary life, in the most meaningful way.

We love to surround ourselves with kindred spirits and if you are still reading these lines, we suspect it is written in the stars that we will be a part of each others lives.
Let’s make magic happen together?


love letters

"Thank you for creating a wedding day that was beyond our dreams. We feel so blessed to have been able to find you. You both love each other so much and are so passionate about what you that it easily translates in the quality of your work" - K&B

"I do not know how to put in words how grateful we are that you were our wedding planner. Thank you SO much for everything. I loved every minute of it... " - P&Z

"Cristiana Vaz Franco, magician, ninja warrior, Lisbon-Miami brain-wave-master, coolest and dearest friend & BEST WEDDING PLANNER ON THE PLANET.
Also gatherer of the best team of humans and professionals" - R&S

"Muchas gracias de nuevo, de verdad y de corazón, la gente está muy feliz y nunca la gente estuvo en una fiesta tan bonita, espectacular y entrañable.
Todos dicen que la fiesta fue la mejor de sus vidas. Paras nosotros lo fue. " - C&A

"Absolutely the best! Planning a destination wedding from afar can be scary, but you put us at ease and took care of every single detail - even the ones we didn’t think of! You helped us enjoy the process, and the weekend turned out even better than we dreamed" - T&J

"I just wanted to thank you for all your amazing work. We LOVED our wedding, and couldn't be happier about how it turned out!
We could not have done any of it without you!" - R&F