The hearts of beautiful people 

Saturday, September the 8th was the best day of my life!

It was the day that joined my friends and my family; the most important people in my life into the event of a lifetime.

It happened in the city I fell in love with more than 10 years ago and one which I hold very dearly in my heart.

I married The LOVE of my Life and all of this happened under your calculated coordination and supervision! You are the most meticulous and detailed oriented professional I have ever met! You manage to turn stressful situations into clear, decisive solutions that clear the path to constructive and inspiring ideas with flawless execution.

Thank you for the love you sprinkled, the energy you drizzled and the passion you radiated during the entire process!
Thank you for the beautiful and delicious gift of treats you left in the room! I cannot wait for being back home and to drink the port wine with the delicious chocolate as dessert after having cooked a delicious meal with the best olive oil in the world!

To you Cristiana (& Dream Team!!!!) the most heartfelt gratitude!
Love, Simon & Rita 


This is the kind of praise that lifts our spirits

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Photography: Pedro Vilela


much love,


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