Welcome to our new home. A place to celebrate LOVE and LIFE, where we are commited to being the wedding planner in Portugal, for authentic celebrations.

Some of you already know the seed of this new brand was planted at LOVE IS MY FAVORITE COLOR, where we host timeless wedding photography. There is where it all started. Since 2010, we have dared to design the life of our dreams and the past 10 years have brought us so much that we can’t help to look back in awe. We are based in Portugal but have traveled the world with our work, we met incredible people, we expressed our creativity freely, we’ve had so many beautiful experiences and we have learned so much.

The world changed in 2020 and along with it came our most challenging year so far, in business and mostly in our personal lives. However, we are now able to see it has also turned out to be the most rewarding year of all, because of how much we have grown, from the inside out.

Grief took us to dark places, made us feel uncomfortable, and took the ground beneath our feet. Suddenly we felt nothing made sense anymore… We looked at death in the mirror and there is exactly where we found the beauty of being human.

We are ALIVE, so we might as well do the best we can for as long as we have. Having the courage to be authentic, honest, raw. Committing to be fully human, embracing every vulnerability and transforming it into a new opportunity, with all the sacrifice that it takes. Using our craft and talent to ignite our fire and hopefully light up someone else’s flame along the way. With compassion, dignity, and faith. Knowing we are all perfect in our imperfections. Choosing to be truly alive and expand.

We are grateful for this wild and complex journey and very proud of ourselves. Because we did not give up on life. Instead we chose to create a better version of ourselves. One where we grow together in our individuality. Always telling the truth, to ourselves and others, in the pursuit of fulfillment and a worth living life.

That is why we are here. Holding a handle to a doorway leading to a passage you have eventually been looking for. Embracing the ones who feel these words with resonant beauty. Looking ahead and envisioning all the magic we will create together.

If you wish to have a deeper perspective on our vision have a look at the MANIFESTO. This is our letter of intentions. On the SERVICES page, you will find the core of what we do. However, we love to surrender to wild inspirations and dreams, so feel free to send any thoughts our way. We keep our most treasured memories on the PORTFOLIO, snippets of a much wider and profound experience that can only be kept in our hearts and souls. We look forward to connecting with you. Come on in and let us know how can we serve you.

Welcome to our new home.


wedding planner in Portugal
Photography: love is my favorite color

much love,


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